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2010-2019 BMW X1 Car Mudguard /Auto Fender/Vehicle Accessories

BMW X1 Car Mudguard Vehicle Accessories/Auto Parts
In order to prevent some soil from splashing on the car body or pedestrian,
It can prevent the soil from splashing on the tie rod,
which causes premature rust.
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Why Do You Need to Install BMW X1 Car Mudguard?

The corner paint is easily damaged.
It has been subjected to a series of problems such as scratching, paint stripping and aging due to the impact of rain cement sand.
1. Driving on the muddy road, the splashing sand and gravel will damage the body, maintenance is also a big expense.
2. There is no fender, the car is full of dirt, cleaning is also a expense.
It can save your big maintenance money in total.

BMW X1 Car Mudguard Auto Fender

How does the fender protect the car body?

The fender lengthens the area of ​​the tire and compensates for the car body area, effectively resisting the soil splashed by the wheels during fast driving.

Auto Fender Material:Engineering PPE Soft Plastic

Customized car, the original car fits the installation without punching, can be installed according to the original car screw hole position.
High-quality soft rubber, good toughness, no break, smooth lines, durable.

BMW X1 Car Mudguard Auto Fender

How to Install the BMW X1 Car Mudguard?

BMW X1 Car Mudguard Auto Fender

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