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Toyota Rav4 Interior Accessories | Armrest Pad Cushion for Toyota Rav4 2019-2020 | Armrest Heightening Pad Cover Compatible for Toyota Rav4 | Relieve Driving Fatigue

  • 💖Compatible For: 2019 2020 Toyota Rav4 Armrest Heightening Pad.
  • 💖Multifunctional Artificial Leather Armrest Box Pad: Heightening Pad, Storage Space, Water Cup Holder Convenient to Passengers to Take Water.
  • 💖Increase the Function of Memory Foam Pad: Disperse the Pressure and Adjust the Comfortable Posture. the Arm is No Longer Sore and Numb. Slowly Rebound the Memory Foam to Disperse the Pressure for a Long Time Driving. Department of Injury.
  • 💝Product Material: Artificial Sheepskin Leather, Non-toxic and Tasteless, Environmentally Friendly Material.
  • 💝Installation Method: Determine the Installation Orientation, Put the Elastic Band on the Bottom Directly, Adjust the Appropriate Position, and Complete the Installation.
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Toyota Rav4 Interior Accessories | Armrest Pad Cushion for Toyota Rav4 2019-2020 | Armrest Heightening Pad Cover Compatible for Toyota Rav4 | Relieve Driving Fatigue



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2019 2020 Toyota RAV4 Armrest Pad Cushion Memory Foam Advantages: 

1) Slow rebound means that the material has the ability to slowly deform. After being deformed by external forces, it will slowly return to its original shape. That is, the material has a combination of viscosity and elasticity, absorbs impact kinetic energy, and can be used repeatedly without being permanently deformed. 

2) Temperature sensing characteristics It refers to sensing the temperature of the human body, gradually becoming softer, and absorbing the pressure of the human body to adjust the human body to the most comfortable posture. For the part that does not touch the human temperature below, it still maintains sufficient support force; 

3) Viscoelastic properties It means that the product sags under pressure, but does not show a strong rebound force (such as sag under pressure); when the pressure is removed, the product will gradually return to its original shape (such as spring recovery); 

Calling "slow rebound" a "zero-pressure sponge", which means that when lying on it, it feels like floating on the water surface or the cloud, and the skin has no pressure; in fact, the slow rebound material can adjust the irregular shape of the compression The most balanced state, that is, it can slowly deform to adapt to the pressure object, and can provide the most uniform supporting force. 

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