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Honda CRV Screen Protector Cover 2017-2020 | Anti-blue Light | 9H Hardness | Left-hand Drive

❤ PRECISE FIT Honda CRV Navigation Screen Protector,Specialized for :2017-2020 Honda CRV Screen Protector Cover 7-Inch
❤ Upgraded Version - Anti-blue Light, Anti Glare, Protect Your Eyes.
❤ MULTIPLE DEFENCE TECHNOLOGY. Reinforced glass for twice as much strength as non-tempered alternatives and effective resistance against scratches and fingerprints.
❤ HD& SMOOTH Touch Feeling,so easy to clean, just gentle wipe.
❤ CLEAR AND CRISP VISUALS. Installing the screen cover will not affect the color, icon size and touch screen capabilities of your GPS display. It will only keep it safe from dust, scratches, oil, and water etc.
❤ ENJOY HASSLE-FREE CLEANING. To keep your GPS screen protector clear and dust-free, simply wipe it with a microfiber cloth. No need to use harmful cleaning substances.

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2017-2020 Honda CRV Screen Protector Cover Anti-blue Light 7-Inch(Left-hand Drive)

CRV 2019 Anti Glare Screen Protector

Why Do You Need to Install CRV Navigation Screen Protector? 

LFOTPP navigation screen protectorInstallation Standard Steps 

1. Clean the display with an alcohol cloth, then   a dry cloth wipes display screen, finally remove the dust particles with a sticker.
2. Place the tempered glass film on the display to confirm  it is fittable.
3. Carefully remove the adhesive film from the back of the glass and place it on the display.
If there is still some dust, lift the glass slightly and use dust to remove the dust.
4. If everything is right, simply place the tempered glass film against the display from the front the display will work.


-Installation problem such as bubbles or other user error
-Damaged screen protectors
-Does not fit your device
-30 days no reason to return


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