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“High-tech special” creates the future “Beijing” brand of Beijing Auto Show of BAIC Group

October 19, 2019

“High-tech special” creates the future “Beijing” brand of Beijing Auto Show of BAIC Group

At the 2019 Shanghai International Auto Show, BAIC Group brought its members, including Beijing Auto, Beiqi New Energy, Beiqi Off-road Vehicle, Hainachuan, Changhe Automobile, Beiqi Yinxiang, and its partners Daimler and Hyundai to the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Hall 4.1, released a series of new strategic achievements such as BAIC Group's “High, New, Special” strategy, “Beijing” brand, BJ40 City Hunter Edition, Beiqi New Energy EX3, and Beijing Auto Zhida.

"Standing in the ever-changing window of the times, standing on the singularity of change that has not existed for a hundred years, BAIC Group took the initiative to take the initiative and take advantage of the trend to launch the most powerful voice of the era of future development with the strategy of 'high, new and special'!" On the day, BAIC Group held the “High, New, Special” strategy and the “Beijing” brand revitalization conference. Xu Heyi, secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of BAIC Group, delivered a speech, which clearly pointed out the key words of BAIC Group’s exhibition. High, new, special."

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 "High, new, special" - Read the BAC Group's

"high, new, special" from here is the overall development direction of BAIC Group in accordance with the requirements of high quality development since entering the new era. With the rapid development of various business areas of BAIC Group, the extension of “High, New and Special” has been continuously enriched and expanded. At this year's auto show, Beiqi Group's exhibition theme is distinct, focusing on “high, new and special”, and drawing a clear blueprint for development.

“High” means high-end manufacturing, high-end products and high-end brands. On behalf of BAIC Group, it is committed to promoting high-quality development and striving to achieve quality and brand. Recently, BAIC Group held a grand “ARCFOX Brand Night” event in Shanghai, officially releasing ARCFOX, a high-end new energy brand in China. At the Shanghai Auto Show, BAIC Group opened up an independent exhibition area and exhibited ARCFOX three shocking products ARCFOX-GT track and street version, ARCFOX ECF Concept. Taking “Breaking in the Realm” as the proposition, we will create three core values ​​of unbounded aesthetics, human-oriented technology and ultimate experience. ARCFOX is a high-end intelligent new energy automobile brand that pursues ultimate performance and innovative design, and has become a brand of product promotion and layout of BAIC Group. An important practice of the new energy vehicle 2.0 era is also the beginning of the era of the new energy vehicle 2.0 led by BAIC Group with high-end brands.

“New” means strengthening the capacity for independent innovation, accelerating the process of comprehensive new energy, and steadily promoting “two-wheel drive” for intelligent network and new energy. This time, Beiqi New Energy will bring a new demonstration of the purely electric SUV model EX3 and wireless charging. EX3 inherits the Darwin system's intelligent three-power, intelligent flying screen, intelligent language, intelligent driving, intelligent network connection five advantages, will bring users intelligent travel experience. Beiqi New Energy wireless charging technology realizes the direct emission of energy from the ground launching board to the vehicle's power receiving board, which supplies energy to the battery and eliminates the physical charging connection line. Users only need to click on the central control screen or mobile app to turn on wireless charging. In the future, this wireless charging system will be combined with the automatic parking function to achieve intelligent parking and automatic charging.

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In addition, around the new energy and intelligent network technology, BAIC Group also carried out a rich and full-fledged presentation: Beijing Automotive released a new product, Beijing Auto Zhida, with a comprehensive upgrade of power, value and intelligence. Beijing Auto also brings multiple interactive experiences to the audience through VR interactive experience devices, entertainment cabin experience devices, pure electric drives, and hybrid powertrain displays. Beiqi Research Institute carried out the "Dolphin +" development strategy, queue auto-driving, C-V3X, highway auto-driving HWP, valet parking AVP as the display content, and carried out creative display on the intelligent network technology display wall. Bei Na Chuan, a component industry platform of BAIC Group, has demonstrated the lightweight materials that are vital to new energy vehicles.

“Special” is the advantage of differentiated development. On behalf of BAIC Group, it will extend the historical coordinate system to the future, reinventing the splendid characteristics of “off-road family” with innovation, and strive to create a characteristic growth pole. As the main force of China's off-road vehicle business, Beijing cross-country has not only become a solid force that the party and the country can trust, but also maintains the leading position in the Chinese hard-core off-road market. At the beginning of this year, BAIC Group established Beiqi Off-road Vehicle Company. At the auto show, the “Beijing” brand was released, and the BJ40 City Hunter Edition was launched simultaneously. A series of strategic measures meant that Beijing SUVs will fully open the new Beiqi off-road vehicles with integrated operation. The journey of the times.

 "Beijing" - "China's first brand of off-road vehicles" Huanxin started at the "Beijing" brand rejuvenation conference, Xu Heyi, secretary of the party committee and chairman of BAIC Group, announced that the "Beijing" brand is to inherit the history of "cross-country family" The blood is to give the new era connotation of "life and off-road"!

The new concept of “Beijing” brand is: carrying the military quality and technology genes accumulated by Beiqi Off-road for half a century, to create the “China's first brand of off-road vehicles” as the vision, “only cross-country and no boundaries”, to create “exploration·extreme” The off-road experience creates an extraordinary cross-country culture.

The strategic goal of the “Beijing” brand is to implement the “high, new and special” strategic requirements with “specialized, precise and special” development, and become the “China’s No. 1 and Global Leading” off-road vehicle brand. For the pursuit of off-road experience, enthusiasts who love cross-country life, and those who have a cross-country complex to provide the ultimate off-road experience.

In order to achieve the above strategic objectives, the “Beijing” brand will focus on the four dimensions of performance, products, technology and experience, and strive to create core advantages:

First, forging extreme performance. Focus on the excellent pursuit of military quality, relying on the professional off-road vehicle production base, in accordance with the military, professional standard system, forging the ultimate and durable off-road performance.

The second is to create the ultimate product. Inheriting the excellent genetic tradition of the first brand of Chinese off-road vehicles, based on platform development, we will continue to improve the product series of “2-4-6-8/3-5-7-9” to achieve military, specialization, modification, and urban panning. Off-road and other products cover the entire range.

The third is the innovation of extreme technology. Relying on the first domestic off-road vehicle research institute, it will carry out innovative breakthroughs around the world's top and cutting-edge professional technologies. At the same time, it will accelerate the application of intelligent network connection functions and continue to enrich the optional technology configuration based on outdoor off-road and other use scenarios.

The fourth is to create the ultimate experience. Continuously improve the integration of product and service development capabilities, promote the establishment of off-road ecosystem, and operate in innovative modes such as professional events, off-road towns, and off-road clubs to create an off-road experience economy.

In addition, Beijing Cross-country will adhere to the principle of “open and mutual benefit” and actively promote cooperation and win-win cooperation with many quality partners. Today, the strategic cooperation between BAIC Group and China Aerospace-Literature Exploration Project is an important cooperation exploration between the two sides on technological innovation and strategic development.

There is no limit to the creation of the collar, and the future is more promising. BAIC Group will take the “Beijing” brand as a new opportunity to firmly implement the “high, new and special” strategy, and promote the implementation of comprehensive new energy and intelligent networked “two-wheel drive” to create a better life and help. The development of China's auto industry contributes new wisdom and strength.

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